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How It Works

Creating a raffle page is easy. Explain your cause, indicate where people can buy tickets (either in-person or online), and upload some pictures.
  • Create a page for your organization in less than 5 minutes
  • Share your organization's raffles in one place
  • Post raffle information and edit your page at any time
Things you'll need to get started:
  • No need to write a novel, just tell us about the organizaiton you're raising money for
  • Bank Account Information if you plan to sell raffle tickets online
  • Answer a few questions about your raffle and the prizes people can win
Tell people about your raffle page using Facebook, Twitter, and other media. Track and manage all ticket sales from our online dashboard. Invite ticket sellers to report their sales and spread the word.

Share Your Raffle With Volunteers, Friends, and More
  • Share your organization's raffle page on Facebook and Twitter
  • Embed your raffle on your website or blog
Involve Ticket Sellers and Sponsors in Your Raffle's Success
  • Send email invitations to ticket sellers and share the seller leaderboard
  • Ticket sellers report their own sales - no more back and forth emails
  • Add sponsor names, logos, and links to your raffle page
Generate Reports to Track Ticket Sales Progress in Real-Time
  • View your sales dashboard to get real-time updates for your raffles
  • Track daily sales progress and view your ticket seller leaderboard
  • Export reports for current or previous raffles at anytime
Supporters can buy tickets or give donations using a credit or debit card.
The payment process is quick and easy. When you sell tickets or a donation is made the money is deposited right in to your account. The Organization Manager can withdraw money from Stripe at any time.

Raffle River is completely free at this time. Stripe, our payment partner, charges a small transaction fee.

Online sales will update immediately on your leaderboard, widget, and sales reports. When you sell tickets in-person you or your sellers can track those online too.
Create A Free Stripe Account
Raffle River will talk to Stripe to charge the credit card. You pay nothing until a ticket is purchased or a donation has been made.

Stripe charges 2.9% + 30ยข when a transaction occurs. You get to decide who pays the fee, you or the buyer.

All In One Safe Place
Stripe safely stores all of your organization's data and financial information behind a single, secure login. Raffle River does not store credit card information.

Get Your Money
Stripe will notify you when a purchase has been made and automatically transfer money from all successful transactions into your bank account. It's that easy.
We use Stripe for all payments. Security is one of Stripe's biggest considerations in everything they do.