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Vickie Jensen's Cancer Treatment Fund

Vickie Jensen's Cancer Treatment Fund
Vickie Jensen has always been an example of strength, perseverance, and service, it is in that spirit that we have founded this campaign to help support her and ensure she gets the treatment recommended by her medical providers since being diagnosed with Stage 2-3 Cervical Cancer.

Vickie was diagnosed with cervical cancer in early April 2017. As quickly as possible she, supported by her 4 daughters, sought to learn the extent of her condition to get the necessary treatment and then get back to life as usual. This was not a selfish goal for Vickie as she provides service and is a necessary part of so many lives every day.
Vickie serves in many roles within her church where she plays piano, organ, and has held many leadership and teaching positions, and never hesitates to step into a service opportunity. Vickie is a self-employed cosmetologist with a sizable clientele who rely on her to help them look their best while she provides a friendly ear, a comforting shoulder, or an irreverent/sassy joke and a laugh – as the situation warrants. All this on top of being a super mom to her 4 daughters and their husbands, and a terrific Grammie to her 9 grandchildren.

Vickie has always been an example of strength and work ethic, and has not been one to allow anyone else to shoulder her burden. Consistent with these traits, when she first received her diagnosis, Vickie hesitated to make it known beyond the circles where it needed to be known because she fully intended to bear it, push through with minimal downtime, and emerge from this trial quietly and without fanfare. This time she cannot have her way. Those who love her won’t let her suffer alone with the discomfort of the disease, the pain of treatment, and the agony of trying to pay for the needed care on the income of a cosmetologist without medical insurance. Please join us in helping her fund her treatment.

We express eternal gratitude for your thoughts, prayers, and your financial support.
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