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Rounding Up Miracles For Purple

Rounding Up Miracles For Purple
Stacia Weaver is a single mother of two afflicted with Immune thrombocytopenia (ITP). ITP is a blood disorder associated with isolated low platelet count which may lead to excessive bleeding and could be fatal if left untreated. Stacia has been battling this disorder since she was a child. She must be very careful whenever she gets a cut or bruise and must pay attention to whatever medication she is taking, avoiding anything that includes bloof thinning components. Treatment is costly as every shot is approximately $3,500. Despite the high expenses for this much needed treatment, Stacia is on a fixed income and her condition has left her unable to find employment. In addition, her funds will be cut further in January 2017 when her son will turn eighteen.

Normal Platelet Count should be 250,000-400,000 but her count is often as low as 50,000, explaining her being physically drained all week and excessive bruising.

What does all this mean.....
At least one week of not being able to:
brushing teeth with anything but a soft cloth...
doing dishes
eating with a fork
eating anything crunchy or pointy
playing with her dogs/cats
bumping her head
anything that could cause herto bleed in anyway

But she always comes through for her friends and family and has the biggest and most beautiful heart, giving her community all she can. Therefore, this campaign is to help her as she helped and continues to help others. She gives her all in raising her son afflicted with epilepsy, helping her daughter raise her grandchildren, and taking care of both her mother and father. Sometimes she goes days without eating just so her family can have enough food. I feel that it is time to give something back. So please help me help her.

P.S. Care packages of non perishables, household/personal items, and any type of art supplies to keep her busy are also welcomed. Please add her or me to Facebook and PM us for shipping information."
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