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Cami Carter Medical Fund

Cami Carter Medical Fund
As some of you may know, Cami has been very sick for the past six years with an undiagnosed lung disease. Her respiratory pulmonologist, Dr. James Pearl, performed a life saving surgery called a Bronchial Thermoplasty a few years ago. Although this did not cure her or give us a diagnosis, it greatly improved her quality of life and significantly reduced hospital admissions and medications. Cami was on a very high daily dose of Prednisone, almost an unheard of dose, for four straight years. The medication was both keeping her alive and killing her at the same time. Cami is now dealing with terrible side effects from the high dosage/longevity of the medications. One major side effect is an internal mass requiring surgery to be removed. This is urgent because it is pressing on her lungs and causing unbearable daily GI struggles. We are currently raising funds to pay for this surgery and to assist with any associated medical costs. Cami and I played softball together at Oklahoma State. It's been very hard to see a once strong, healthy, athletic girl have her health slowly deteriorate before our eyes. Please share with anyone she has touched both in the softball community and beyond.
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