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Kokoda Youth Foundation

Kokoda Youth Foundation
All money raised for the Kokoda Youth Foundation will enable us to continue our work with Australian youth and changing communities in which we live. How do we do this? We do this by facing barriers in young people, breaking cycles of dependence and welfare, addressing mental health issues, suicide prevention, creating teams and creating individuals who work in teams with the core values of courage, endurance, mateship and sacrifice along with many more life changing outcomes.

KCYP (Kokoda Challenge Youth Program) is the flagship program of our organisation. Participants come from every segment of society and we believe there is no difference between those who are expected to fail and those who are
expected to achieve in society - except for opportunity and the right support. KCYP differs from most programs because it’s a long term, 14 month commitment that includes half physical training and mentoring, and half of community service. This extended timeframe allows for opportunities to learn, make choices, fail and flourish. Strict attendance and disciplinary standards, physical conditioning and social service leads to discovery and fulfilment.
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Donovan Walter-Girout, Main Contact
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Donovan Walter-Girout
Jean Allison Teamoke Teao
Mata Maui
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