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Miss America

Miss America
Hey friends!: so I'm doing a pretty awesome raffle that you won't want to miss! whether you have a furry friend at home or not! I'm doing a $5 per ticket raffle for a handmade dog house! These houses value at $350 just in material. That's not including over the 10 hours of labor put into one house. They're completely insulated! Perfect for your pup at home but if you don't have a dog you could pick a shelter of your choice we can donate it to! (If they have the room). The pictures below are some examples of the work that we've done. We wouldn't draw the winner until august because as you can imagine these bad boys take some time. The raffle money will be donated to the Children's Miracle Network and the Miss America Scholarship fund. Please message me if you have questions and to buy raffles!!

**I have attached a news report that featured the dog houses and there are short clips of them being made as well!

**if you'd just like to donate to the Organization i'm raising money for please visit:


News link: http://www.cnyhomepage.com/news/herkimer-county-humane-society-gets-extra-help/609408568
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