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Trails for change

Trails for change
Trails for change is a nonprofit organization that brings hope to women struggling to find their path. We all encounter different situations in life that leave us feeling lost. Often times we just need to find that trail that will create change with in our lives.

My heart has always been to reach women, to become a support to them when they feel alone. That dream seemed to be shattered as I became a single teenage mother. A marriage that lasted a mere four months left me hopeless that I could ever make a difference. I knew my life had to change, so I began to climb a mountain. Along the way there were many rough spots and times I often had to find a new trail to take. That journey ignited my vision.

The vision is to help women change the trail they are walking and give them hope for a better future.
Raffle River has helped Trails for change raise $37 and host 1 raffle.
$37 raised
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