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Sheboygan County Interfaith Organization

SCIO is a spiritually based organization of Faith Communitites. Our shared values bring us together to educate and advocate for the social justice, dignity, and to improve the quality of life for all people.

SCIO engages with the community to transform lives, one family at a time.

Bridgeway is a residential transitional living program for single women with children who are homeless or living in vulnerable situations. Upon entry into our residential program, mothers commit to living at Bridgeway for 3-6 months, and are able to reside at Bridgeway for up to two years. This extended programming allows them to experience stability and work extensively with a case manager to set goals in order to remove some of the barriers that have caused their past instability
Sheboygan County Interfaith Organization
1251 Geele Ave
Sheboygan, Wisconsin 53083
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Heidi Gudmundson, Main Contact
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