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Disposable Warriors

Disposable Warriors (www.DisposableWarriors.org) is a Veteran's non-profit organization dedicated to helping other Veteran's in need through our four core programs: “Soldier's Advocacy Group“ (Personality Discharge advocacy), “No One Left Behind“ (local law enforcement and Veterans in Crisis), “Project 22” (Veteran suicides), and “Operation Grit” (Veteran homelessness).

Although Disposable Warriors has been in existence for almost ten years and has worked on or been involved in over 8,000 Veteran cases as well as homeless Veteran operations, it has been entirely SELF-FUNDED! Knowing that, our goal for this entire event (including this raffle) is to raise at least $15,000 to help pay for legal costs related to our services as well as general operating expenses so that we may continue our mission.

We have an outstanding Board of Directors and dedicated leadership working to develop Disposable Warriors into a nationwide organization and we're working hard to make this event a huge success!
Disposable Warriors
2511 Trimmier Road, Ste. 140 Box 281
Killeen, Texas 76542
(800) 330-8314
Raffle River has helped Disposable Warriors raise $290 and host 1 raffle.
$290 raised
Chuck Luther, Main Contact
(800) 330-8314
Team Members
Chuck Luther
Kelly Troy
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