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Harlee's Angels

Harlee's Angels
We are a small 501c3 non-profit animal rescue focused on saving senior dogs and dogs with medical and behavioral issues that other rescues won't touch; those that aren't pretty enough to bring in good adoption fees.
We also help families going thru hard times to keep their pets vs surrendering them to a rescue or shelter. This is less stressful on the pet, on the family and on rescue.
We rarely say no when asked to help, but the time has come where we are forced to do so. As a matter of fact, we are what I refer to as a sinking ship. Our vet bills are mounting as is the cost of care for all of the furry ones in our flock.
We need to raise a good amount of $$$$$ to keep our doors open to those that need us. Unless this happens we will be forced to close the rescue indefinitely.
Raffle River has helped Harlee's Angels raise $355 and host 1 raffle.
$355 raised
Lee Stevens, Main Contact
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