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Austlen Baby Co.

Austlen Baby Co.
As moms, we know we can’t do it all on our own (no matter how much we try!). It takes a lot of help to succeed. And, we love how quick moms are to help other moms (and dads!) in need. That’s why we weren’t surprised that when we sent an email out on a Friday evening to a group of mom-led businesses to see if they wanted to help the families affected by the recent hurricanes, we received immediate responses of support.

Hurricanes Harvey and Irma have left so many families without their homes and all their belongings. Families of young children are living in shelters, many of them without enough diapers and essentials to get them through the week. And as parents, we know the painful effects on tiny bums of having to wait too long to change a diaper (ouch!).

By purchasing a raffle ticket to win these amazing prizes, you are helping these victims directly: 100% of proceeds will go directly to the Texas Diaper Bank and the Miami Diaper Bank. All prizes have been donated.
Raffle River has helped Austlen Baby Co. raise $2,262 and host 1 raffle.
$2,262 raised
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