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Jennie's Little Bow Peep

Jennie's Little Bow Peep
Hi! My name is Jennifer Meza and I'm a 33 year old stay at home Mother and Wife. I'm the owner of Jennie's Little Bow Peep. It's a small home base business I started little over 8 years ago. I make almost anything you can think off, craft related!
My family and I have been blessed with so much over the few years and we try to give back and help others as much as we can. As humans, we all struggle with something in our lives from time to time. I just learned a few weeks ago that I'm 78% deaf in my left ear and 82% deaf in my right.
I learned when I was younger my hearing got bad due to running high fever from pneumonia. In Jr. High I was told by the hearing specialist, that I was half deaf in each ear. My mother could not afford hearing aids at that time.
My husband and I finally were able to purchase health insurance last year. Going to a hearing specialist to get checked out is covered by our insurance but purchasing hearing aids is something they don't help cover.
So, now I'm learning I need a pair of hearing aids that is going to cost us $3000.
I've always had to avoid a lot of get to gethers and simple conversations with family, friends and even meeting new people. I don't have a out of home job because it's so hard to hear and understand people when they are talking. I avoid going to movies, church, talking on the phone and so much more. I have anxiety that makes these things even harder to overcome. I'm scared of so much because I can't hear well.
My children hate it when I yell at them, not that I'm doing it on perpuse. I'm always having to ask my husband and two children to please speak up or can you repeat what you said please. Only my family and 2 close friends know I have hearing loss. It's not something I tell people right when I meet them.
I pray that one day all these small struggles I've had to deal with, will be gone. Hearing Aids, I know will help me out tremendously.
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