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Service Dog for Kim

Service Dog for Kim
Kim has suffered from severe generalized anxiety disorder and depression since she was a child. While medication and other forms of treatment help greatly with managing symptoms, Kim still suffers from ongoing anxiety attacks that interfere with her daily life activities like working, running errands, or spending time with friends. Most medications that treat for anxiety no longer work for Kim and she has to rely on the maximum dosage of the newest medications on the market to help with managing her illness. In addition to her mental health, Kim’s anxiety also impacts her physical health. She suffers from stress-induced migraines and esophageal ulcers that require frequent medical attention in the form of doctor's visits, medications, and dietary restrictions.

Despite her illness, Kim is a doctoral candidate in science education working on her dissertation concerning student motivation and college learning environments. Her work focuses primarily on improving learning experiences for undergraduate science students, especially students who are underrepresented in the field. She hopes to finish her degree and continue her work as a professor at a small university.

A service dog will substantially allow Kim to live a fuller life and continue her work in teaching and education research. Kim's service dog will come from Ry-con Service Dogs. Ry-con Service Dogs is a 501c non-profit training organization located in Apex, North Carolina. They specialize in training dogs for children and adults with neurological disorders, such as autism, anxiety, and PTSD.

Ry-con specifically works with Briards, an old sheepdog breed from France historically bred for intelligence and patience. They are uniquely suited to life as service dogs helping those with neurological disorders.
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