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Bella's Surgery Expense Fund

Bella's Surgery Expense Fund
My beagle, Bella, hurt her left back leg on July 25th. After a week of waiting it out I took her to the vet and after some tests we found out she tore her ACL. We scheduled surgery for August 17th. During surgery, they found that she also tore her meniscus so they removed it as well. After about 2 weeks of healing, Bella tore her ACL in her opposite leg! Her right one! We had to wait a certain amount of time to give her newly operated on leg time to heal and she had surgery on her right leg on September 21st. When the surgeon was in they also found that she tore her meniscus in her right knee as well and removed it. ACL surgeries are not cheap and having two in a very short amount of time has been extremely financially stressful. Several amazing friends of mine offered to donate items to be raffled off to help pay off some of Bella's surgery expenses. Thank you all so much for considering donating towards my best friend, ever!
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