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Dibble Football Booster Club

Dibble Football Booster Club
The purpose of the Dibble High School Football Booster Club is to promote and support football in Dibble, Oklahoma in an atmosphere that is consistent with the educational philosophy of the school community. We encourage and support teamwork, discipline and respect for others that comes from participating in athletic competition. We provide financial support for the additional athletic training of our players and coaches, and for the auxiliary equipment that benefits our football teams. In order to facilitate this, the Booster Club will organize social and fundraising events for players, coaches and families throughout the year. We promote enthusiastic and positive behavior at football games, which upholds the highest standards of spirit and sportsmanship. We will also act as liaison between the football teams, coaches, parents, school administration and the general public.
Raffle River has helped Dibble Football Booster Club raise $1,048 and host 1 raffle.
$1,048 raised
Mike Garrett, Main Contact
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Mike Garrett
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