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Saint Dunstan's Preschool

Saint Dunstan's Preschool
At St. Dunstan’s Preschool, our goal is to offer an environment where every child feels at home in a loving, nurturing, sensory-filled atmosphere designed to develop the whole child. In order to grow into well-rounded adults, we believe it is important that children receive equal attention in all areas of development: social, emotional, spiritual, physical, and cognitive. While this is important throughout a child’s life, it is vitally important during the early years.
Raffle River has helped Saint Dunstan's Preschool raise $21,799 and host 2 raffles.
$21,799 raised
Matt Gallegly, Main Contact
(831) 624-9250
Team Members
Abigail Chang
Alexis Keaton
Alma Lewis
Angus Hawthorne
Arian Roohbakhsh
Ava Anderson
Aynoah Sandoval
baby McGeary
baby Patterson
Baxter Melli
Beckett Anderson
Benjamin Gallegly
Blake Benson
Brynn Bohlman
Calvin Hincks
Charlie Rose Talley
Chase Hastey
Cora Cook
Drew Tope
Dylan Burr
Edvard Wegersjoe
Elise Simonsen
Emma Rose King
Faith Reamer
Flora Beiderwell
... plus 96 more
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