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Washington Basset Rescue (WABR)

Washington Basset Rescue (WABR)
WABR is a 100% volunteer, non profit animal rescue that has been helping hounds & humans since 1988. Our organization is based in Spokane Valley, WA and rescues, rehabs & rehomes Basset Hounds, Beagles, Walker Treeing Hounds, Coon Hounds, Dachshunds & other Hounds + Hound Dog-Mixes throughout the states of WA & ID, while also providing assistance to MT & OR, as-needed. Adoptions have been made to more than 10 US States & 4 provinces in Canada (after our requirements were met, including a home check). All animals adopted from WABR have been vetted, which includes spay/neuter, vaccinations & microchips. Adoptions are only $125 with sweet seniors placed at reduced rates. In addition, WABR assists with pet food/treat pantry donations, veterinary expenses & prescriptions, Hospice Hounds, humane end of life needs + community outreach, responsible pet owner education & more.
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