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Lions and Dragons

Lions and Dragons
We are a non-profit organization created to plug some gaps in supporting our veterans and wounded soldiers. While there are many organizations providing care and support we wanted to do our part.
We will provide basic mental health services also evaluating soldiers for any further help that's outside of our expertise. We will walk them through the process in order to ensure they receive the care needed.
We've found that at times some soldiers through unfortunate circumstances and a lack of job skills either become homeless or are unable to find work. We believe that it's more important to build skills in order for persons to achieve success. In order to support this need we will endeavor to provide vocational type of skills, perhaps tap into some of the dying skills, the artisan type.
Our third support side will be to help soldiers and their families that are in need of just some time away, some respite from all their worries by inviting them to the safe haven we will create in the stillness of the foothills of the North Carolina mountains.
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