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Immigrant Rights Action Group of Doylestown

Immigrant Rights Action Group of Doylestown
Since our founding in March, the Immigrant Rights Action Group of Doylestown has conducted a systematic grassroots effort to contact, educate, and support our local residents under threat of deportation.

Our motto is "courage and caution" ("coraje y cautela") and our 100% volunteer, informally-led effort has built an effective community network to report ICE enforcement operations and provide immediate support to individuals affected. We have made 20 legal referrals and financially contributed to 9 of them. We have additionally provided transportation & accompaniment to dozens of appointments & court dates, helped with legal forms & requirements, and offered know-your-rights trainings ranging from community education presentations to back-of-the-house visits to restaurants.

Our legal defense fund is the core of our work, permitting us to immediately engage attorneys on behalf of individuals impacted by ICE enforcement. With a lawyer representing them, detained immigrants are much more likely to be granted bond, allowing them to return to their families and continue working while their deportation case is pursued in court.

Every penny we raise goes directly to legal support! All other supplies & labor are donated; we have no office, no paid staff, and no overhead. Every financial contribution we receive, no matter how small, helps make a vital difference in the lives of our undocumented neighbors, friends, colleagues & employees.

Your purchase of raffle tickets is deeply appreciated -- and sharing this effort widely among your social & business network will help amplify the effect! Please spread the word!
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