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African Wildlife Conservation Fund

African Wildlife Conservation Fund
The African Wildlife Conservation Fund is a Zimbabwean based, non profit organisation dedicated to the conservation of Africa's large mammals, particularly the African wild dog. The African wild dog is Africa's second most endangered large carnivore in Africa, with only 6,600 left in the wild, and populations still declining due to habitat loss, conflict with humans, and infectious disease.
The African Wildlife Conservation Fund works in 2 study sites in the south east of Zimbabwe. Here we mitigate threats to Africa's large carnivore through on ground targeted conservation work (snare removal, rabies vaccination campaigns, research and monitoring), school-based education (currently supporting 123 schools). community engagement (human-wildlife conflict mitigation) and policy dialogue (management plans and reports).
Our work began in 1996 as the Lowveld Wild Dog Project, which monitored, safe guarded and protected a population of 36 wild dogs. This work grew into the African Wildlife Conservation Fund in 2008, and now in 2017 monitors, safe-guards and protects populations of 115 and 107 in our 2 study sites. Our work has seen African wild dog populations in the these study sites, become the biggest in the country. Populations are now at ecological capacity, making them important source populations for the rest of the country, and therefore incredibly important to conserve.
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