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Eli Monniers Bone Marrow Transplant Fund

Eli Monniers Bone Marrow Transplant Fund
Eli is in need of a Bone Marrow Transplant to slow down the progression of his condition. EB is an extremely progressive condition usually resulting in childhood death from infections. A bone marrow transplant would allow Eli to develop some level of Collagen VII throughout his whole body, reducing the formation of blisters, strengthening his skin, allowing for faster and healthier wound healing, and reducing pain and inflammation.

A BMT is only available in Minnesota. Lindsay will need to quit her job to stay with Eli while he is hospitalized and recovering from his procedure for a minimum of 5 months. Alex will be Eli’s bone marrow donor and will be traveling to and from Minnesota to maintain his job here in Ohio.

Funds will be used for these traveling/medical expenses.
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Alexander J Monnier, Main Contact
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