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C.J.'s Service Dog Project

C.J.'s Service Dog Project
CJ was diagnosed as ADHD and high functioning autistic. He has sensory issues and anxiety. These things prevent CJ from properly advocating for himself. It also makes it hard for CJ socially. Up till now he has been in a small school with a support network that is exceptional to say the least! However, CJ will graduate in May and the "safety" of school and familiar will be gone.
He will have to advocate for himself despite how anxious he is or how many times he has explained what he needs to succeed in class, he will have to explain every semester to a different professor or lab partner. CJ has worked hard, and with therapy he has overcome so many things that the neurotypical mind would not have to think about. Rest assured, as daunting as it may seem, these terms do not define him!
He has a zest for life that brings sunshine to any day. He is very excited about this new adventure now that he will have a service dog with him. Hazel. She will be able to help him when he is filled with anxiety, or in sensory overload. She will help his social skills. Giving a new topic to discuss. She will be able to calm him at night so he can get a full nights sleep. All these things she will be able to do for him, but it is not free to train her to be the service dog CJ needs her to be. Which is why we are raising money to cover that cost. For more of CJ and Hazels story please visit facebook.com/cjshazel/
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