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Corridor Rescue Inc

Corridor Rescue Inc
Corridor Rescue is a non-profit organization on a mission of mercy, rescue, and awareness - a mission to save lives and correct an injustice to animals who have been thrown away and left, often injured and starving, to fend for themselves. We’re not talking about a handful of animals, but hundreds of physically and emotionally damaged animals in the fight of their lives to simply survive another day.

Started by one person, Corridor Rescue has grown into a cadre of volunteers united to assist this community of orphaned animals in desperate need of help. Our Street Team volunteers go out on the streets every day to feed neglected, discarded, sick and starving animals in the Corridor of Cruelty. We care for them until we are able to bring them off the streets. Once rescued, animals receive the necessary medical care, healing, and rehabilitation until being placed up for adoption. We operate a kennel facility at which we house any dog in our program that does not have a foster home. We have a full-time veterinary technician on staff who helps with dogs currently under medical care. Our staff provides excellent care and helps us to learn more about our dogs' personalities and specific needs while they wait for their forever homes.
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