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Carmen High School - Southeast Campus

Carmen High School - Southeast Campus
At Carmen High School-Southeast Campus, we are dedicated to ensuring that students reach academic achievement, but that students are also demonstrating exceptional character, especially in relationship building, professional communication, and community involvement. Although we celebrate great character throughout the academic school year with treats tangible incentives and public recognition, we also celebrate by creating new memories outside the building. For example, students with exceptional character would have no more than three detentions for the school year in addition to earning a merit, for going above and beyond the expectations, for seven months.

Sounds difficult?? During the 2016-17 school year, 83 out 170 students of our founding freshmen class were eligible to go to Six Flags Great America for our June Character Trip. Amazing right?!?! That means nearly 50% of our founding class earned this privilege by not earning detentions AND earning at least one merit per month for seven months. End of the year trips are great and celebratory, but are also very pricey! Our students were responsible to pay 20% of what the trip's (admission, transportation, and lunch) actual cost. Our school fundraised the other 80% of the memorable and well-deserved character trips.

What does this mean??? This fundraiser will help to offset the costs of our Character Trips that take place March, April, May, and June of 2018. Trip destinations are always a surprise and promise a fun-filled time for deserving students and their hardworking urban educators.
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