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Altered NWLA

Altered NWLA
ALTERED NWLA is a Non-Profit organization that provides mentorship and empowerment programs for young women between the ages of 16 -25 in the Shreveport—Bossier City Area. Our curriculum is designed to develop and encourage leadership ability, define and achieve personal goals, teach financial literacy, explore individual career options, research and seek continuing education as well as develop basic life skills needed for a solid foundation to build a successful and happy future. Altered NWLA is made up of a diverse group of dedicated female mentors from within the community who are passionate about developing confident and empowered young women. Our organization welcomes women from all walks of life. Our passion is in building up young women from all backgrounds to build a better and brighter future for not only themselves, but for all women in our community. If you would like to register a student or you are interested in becoming a mentor please visit us at alterednwla.org for more information.
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Jeannette Sibley, Main Contact
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Jeannette Sibley
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