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GinaMarie Zimmerman

GinaMarie Zimmerman
I just want to say how amazing The Big Brother fans are . You guys have been super amazing throughout the years and I just wanted to say thank you .

I know the BB Fans know who Orwell the Big Brother Owl is .
He’s pretty much the Big Brother mascot (lol). Everyone loves him & I have to say he super cuddly and super cute too .

Since I had a recent hip surgery, I’ve been going through recovery which hasn't been easy . My boyfriend I recently adopted a German Shepherd named Zeus. He’s been such a major impact in our lives and is helping me through my recovery process. I wanted to give back and try to raise some money for the animal shelters to care for these animals so people can have the opportunity to adopt wonderful animals and pets like our Zeus .

I didn’t want to bribe you guys but I figured if there was some type of reward I can sell raffle tickets to raise money for the charities/shelters . So i decided to raffle off a chance to win Orwll the Big Brother Owl .

Tickets will only be $5 dollars and after two weeks we will pick a winner at random and they will receive a letter and Orwell in the mail .
We appreciate every donation if you like to give a little more than five dollars that would be super awesome as we thank you so much for your love and support .

Good luck & God Bless !!!

Love always,

Each and every raffle Tix/donation will be enter in the draw .The more tickets/donations, will have better chances to win .

On Saturday , March 24 at 5:00 pm . I’ll be doing going on Instagram live ( IG: @ginamariez ) and will be pulling the winner at random.
Good luck :)
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