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Quilts For Kids - Central Arkansas

Quilts For Kids - Central Arkansas
Our mission is to make sure the very ill babies, toddlers, children and early teens get quilts to help comfort them through scary situations such as procedures. We also do this for abused children as well. The children are able to carry their quilts all over the hospitals and that helps them remain calm during all the different types of testing they may be going through. I am in the position as the Chapter Administrator to decide to take on another hospital once I see we are handling the hospital we are now without any problems and are having some extras at the end of the delivery time each month. I have other organizations trying to get me to consider the hospital in their area but before I can begin to take on more children I will need to increase the amount of fabric we have and all the other quilting supplies such as batting, quilt backing and threads plus labels from our national office in Fairless, PA. Every dime we make will go strictly for buying the items I mentioned and nothing else. I can walk into a local store and pull the manager to the side and say who I am with and I am about to drop a huge amount of green now what kind of discount are you willing to give me so I will be getting more for my money. It is more expensive to order from the national office and pay for shipping as they charge a flat $7 per. I will keep this going with every muscle, tear, prayer I have as this is my passion. My daughter was born 24 years ago and had to be flown to children's hospital where we spent a long time in the NICU. Then my first grandson was in the NICU so I have only great things to say for these nurses and doctors. This is me giving back and I can never give back enough. Please help us make money to buy fabric for these precious quilts and all these little ones.
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