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Patient Advocate for NMO Patients

Patient Advocate for NMO Patients
Neuromyelitis optica, also called NMO or Devic's disease, is a rare yet severe demyelinating autoimmune inflammatory process affecting the central nervous system. It specifically affects the myelin, which is the insulation around the nerves. NMO mainly affects the spinal cord and the optic nerves -- the nerves that carry signals from the eyes to the brain. As a result, the disease can cause paralysis and blindness.

Neuromyelitis optica most often strikes during childhood. It can also affect adults are in their 40s. It’s especially common in young women, but men can develop it, too. Experts used to think that NMO was a type of multiple sclerosis. They now think it may be a different condition. The conditions do have some similar symptoms, but these are usually more severe in NMO. Vision problems with multiple sclerosis usually affect one eye at a time, while NMO may affect both eyes at the same time.
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