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EPIC 4x4 Quest

EPIC 4x4 Quest
EPIC 4x4 Quest is out of Evergreen Colorado and went into the idea/development phase in February 2018. The first ever EPIC 4x4 Quest event was held Aug 2019. This event was created with plans to make it an annual event and fundraiser for our fallen police officers. ALL proceeds from raffle ticket sells and tickets bought for event go to Colorado Police Officers Foundation.

Participants that buy-in or win a slot for this event are signing up for a quest where there is ZERO idea of where they are going, what trails they are doing, or where they will be staying. There is NO minimum or maximum number of raffle tickets available. One slot to be won per 25 event raffle tickets sold. Examples: 25 raffle tickets sold = 1 slot given away or 75 raffle tickets sold = 3 slots given away. Raffle ticket winners will be randomly selected. No maximum number of tickets one person can purchase. Each raffle ticket cost $30.

Slot won or purchased does not cost does not cover gas and meals; that will be an additional expense you will have throughout the trip.

These tickets are Raffle tickets ONLY - If waning to guarantee a slot you must buy an actual ticket (Only 10 tickets/Buy-in spots available please see other ticket purchasing website)
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