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New Deal Grange #447

New Deal Grange #447
New Deal Grange #447 was organized in Greenbelt in September 2016. A chapter of the 150-year-old National Grange, New Deal Grange members have completed or organized ongoing projects to positively impact our community, such as the Patron's Paws operation to bring shelter dogs and cats from Mississippi to Maryland. We are the only organization currently collecting feminine products for homeless, low-income, at-risk women and girls or women and girls in emergency situations in Prince George's County conjunction with the MD Chapter of the Homeless Period Project. We have discussed with city representatives inclusion of edible landscapes into the city's master plan, offered caroling around the city open to people of all faiths and backgrounds to celebrate our interconnectedness and desire for peace, organized a dog park clean up, and have provided labor for other events such as creek cleanups, festivals and more.

Funds raised through this raffle will allow us to continue to organize and take part in outreach projects through the minimal funding required AND will help our members attend leadership development and other conferences hosted by the Grange.
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Amanda Brozana Rios, Main Contact
Team Members
Amanda Brozana Rios
Annie Montes
Vanessa Harris
Victor Barreto Rios
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