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The newly established 501©3, DO-DADS CLUB Inc, was formed with the intention to recruit a team of fathers and father figures to share quality experiences with children, families and each other. These experiences range from educational events to leisure and recreational activities. The goal being to provide children exposure to opportunities for growth, knowledge and camaraderie that otherwise might not be available to them. Our hope is to slow the pattern of decreasing paternal involvement as children grow older and to strengthen the relationship between parent and child as well as fill in the gaps with those children who do not have a father figure in their lives.

DO-DADS will engage all ages, genders, races, religions, cultures, occupations and views for the sake of children and each other. As the DO-DADS work together and share quality experiences, our desire is to encourage the children to learn, explore and visualize their future, while providing them and families with a support network.

DO-DADS is a work in progress. The calendar of events and activities will be generated by the combined interest of the children and the fathers/father figures. Museums, outdoor activities, sporting events, college tours, job shadowing are just a few of the experiences we hope to share with the children. Along with forming recreational teams of DO-DADS to engage in friendly competitions with local school and community organizations to raise awareness of our mission.

DO-DADS has partnered with the South Country School District in initiating Bellport Middle School’s G E N T program. DO-DADS will work with some of the teacher selected middle school students that could benefit from the Gentleman Exhibit Noble Traditions program. Students, teachers and advisors will meet once a week to discuss, conduct and practice the etiquette displayed by a gentleman. Personal experiences, publications and role playing activities will be used to reinforce the program’s goals.
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