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Mexico Mission

Mexico Mission
Psalm 96:3: "Declare His glory among the nations."

Amy has served missions every year since 2011, and wants to share her love of mission work with Justice. This will be Justice's first mission trip!

We are two friends who both have a love for traveling and a desire to help other people! We've traveled together a lot, but not yet in missions. We've talked about doing something like this for a long time...we did our research, and now we're going to Monterrey, Mexico from July 15-21, 2018!

We're joining a team of 4 other people from the United States. Our team will fly direct to Monterrey and will spend the week serving in small villages just outside of the city. We will partner with Casa Samuel. We will participate in feeding programs, community outreach, and serve in several local elementary schools and kindergartens. The week will wrap with our team hosting a large, community-wide festival for local families. During the trip we will share the gospel, work with children, and serve people and communities in desperate need.

We will mainly be working in the colony of Renacimiento. It is a colony that was resettled after a fire tore through the original colony. It is made up of about 1000 family groups. It is an area of extreme poverty. Hunger and malnutrition are huge problems and the effects are seen among the school children. Our team leader has been working with this colony for over 10 years and has come to know many of the people there personally and loves them like family. We will have the opportunity to work alongside Pastor Eva and her team to feed the hungry in Renacimiento as well as in a neighboring colony which is even more impoverished than Renacimiento. We will also be doing some evangelism in the two colonies, inviting them to an event at the end of the week where we will all worship together and teach about the love of Christ.
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