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Villi Poni Farm, Newfoundland Pony Sanctuary

Villi Poni Farm, Newfoundland Pony Sanctuary
Villi Poni Farm is a sanctuary and education center for the critically endangered Newfoundland Pony, a distinct heritage landrace breed pony whose numbers total approximately 400 worldwide. The Newfoundland Pony is North America's only indigenous pony breed. Of those 400 only 42 ponies live in the USA. Our full-blooded Newfoundland ponies are DNA confirmed and registered with the Newfoundland Pony Society.

Villi Poni is a registered 501(c)(3) non profit, but we aren't your typical rescue, just like the Newfoundland isn't your typical pony. Because of their status as critically endangered, there is a conservation aspect in all that we do and that includes perpetuating the breed.
We're breed stewards, and that comes with a lot of responsibility that includes not just rescuing and taking in Newfoundland ponies that find themselves in difficult positions, but bringing the breed back from extinction without compromising what makes this pony so special.

To meet a Newfoundland pony is to know a Newfoundland pony is unique, and not because they are very rare. They capture your heart instantly. Their individual personalities and genuine interest shine through as they welcome you into their world without question. This comes natural, and this is what people need to see to learn and understand our mission.

We also host special events that highlight the attributes of the pony and contribute to our community.

Although our volunteers regularly work with the ponies, we are not a riding stable. We do not board, nor do we offer lessons. Our concentration is community outreach and conservation.

Find more info at www.newfoundlandponies.org
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