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Send the Stephan's to Disneyland

Send the Stephan's to Disneyland
Meet the Stephan Family. Many years ago, (gosh were old guys) I met these guys before any of us were married. We even traveled on a mission trip to Ireland together. I was thrilled when Reese and Kailey ended up getting married.

Who doesn't hope for happily ever after? But sometimes the tale takes a different turn...

Back in 2014 Kailey was diagnosed with pulmonary arterial hypertension. It's a rare, but very serious disease. Kailey has spend so much more time in hospitals than any young mother should have to. It's been heartbreaking to watch everything they've gone through. But they keep moving forward with their beautiful children.

But the truth is, the future is very unknown and the diagnosis is grim. Kailey is getting weaker as time goes on. And while she can still enjoy her children's reaction, Reese would love to take his family to Disneyland.

The magic of Disney and the love of family is enough to make a lifetime of memories. Memories the children will always have.

We are going to raise $5,000 for airfare, Hotel, transportation, Disney tickets, food and some spending money.

The Stephan Family is loved by many. Let's make a dream come true!
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