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Good Hearted People Camp

Good Hearted People Camp
Good Hearted People Camp is aimed at not only addressing land and water issues as they come up, it has been created as a space for empowering our communities with knowledge on water and land issues as well as a space for decolonization with the hope that we can help to inspire healing within our communities from the effects of generational trauma.

Speaking from our experiences in land and water defense within the unique dynamics of Oklahoma, we feel that the lack of understanding land and water issues and some of the on-going cycles of generational trauma within our communities has somewhat hindered unity.

With this in mind, we will not only continue to advocate for our communities to the best of our ability while working with our Non-Native allies, the additional goals of this camp include creating a decolonizing space that will offer various teach-ins and classes including, but not limited to, the following:

Fatherhood is Sacred/Motherhood is Sacred:

Two of the founders of the Good Hearted People’s camp are certified facilitators of a program called Fatherhood is Sacred/Motherhood is Sacred and have taught in the central Oklahoma area for over two years. It is a 12 week program geared at improving family relationships. It is important to know that the program is culturally-based and was created specifically for Native people.

The program is cyclical, meaning that anyone can start at any time as our classes will start over again as soon as they are done. Once finished, participants receive a Succe
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