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Tunica Humane Society / Sky Lake Construction

Tunica Humane Society / Sky Lake Construction
Before, the Tunica Dog Pound consisted of 6 cages where dogs were held for 5 days before they were disposed of. No pet of the week. No vet. No love. No care. Only a death sentence. All of this changed August 2008 when the Tunica Humane Society was formed.
Tunica Humane Society is a No Kill shelter that will never give up on an animal. They are living beings, with a spirit, a heart, and feelings. These animals are not commodities, things, or garbage. They are part of sacred creation and deserve as much love, care and respect as the next Westminister champion. So many dogs and cats have been given a second chance at life, being loved, and find their happily ever after. There are still so many more that need that chance too.
Sky Lake Construction believes in the principle of giving back. As a strong supporter of the work Tunica Humane Society, we encourage everyone to "adopt, don't shop". Tunica Humane Society performs an incredible service to our community and operates totally on donations. Visit THS at www.tunicahumanesociety.com to find out more and inquire about pet adoptions.
Sky Lake Construction is very excited to offer this rare opportunity to Name A Street while helping such a worthy organization.
Sky Lake Construction builds affordable homes with custom amenities. We are currently building in Southaven, Hernando, Starkville, Brandon, and Gluckstadt.
Visit www.skylakeconstruction.com for more information or contact us info@skylakeconstruction.com
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