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Atlanta Harlequins WRFC

Atlanta Harlequins WRFC
The (formerly known as) Southeast Harlequins Women’s Rugby Football Club came into being in 1984 as a select side for several teams scattered about the southeastern part of the country. The best players from these teams, including University of Georgia and Florida State, combined to play here in Atlanta.

As the popularity of Women’s Rugby in the south grew, Southeast became a team that truly represented Atlanta as well as this broader geographic region. At the end of the spring ’99 season, the team decided to honor this change in status with a change of name as well. We now proudly carry the name of our host city: The Atlanta Harlequins.

Dedicated to excellence, the Harlequins are striving to give national credibility to rugby in the South as well as right here in Atlanta. With the current popularity of all women’s sports, it is our desire to bring rugby to the forefront as a viable sport for women.
Raffle River has helped Atlanta Harlequins WRFC raise $1,050 and host 1 raffle.
$1,050 raised
Carly Harrington, Main Contact
Team Members
Akilah Guzman
Alex Schmid
Alice (Boot) Plant
Alyssa Snellgrove
Amanda lam
Amanda Mercer
Amanda Perkins (Perky)
Amonae Brown
Angela Eschbach
Angie Owen
Antonette O’Gorman
Ashley Prusak
Bianca Miller
Bri Boldon
Brigette Snyder
Caitlane Fricia
Candace Hall
Carly Harrington
Carly Mackey
Carrie Frick
Celines solis
Chenell York
Chi Chi Chukwueke
Christina swift
... plus 69 more
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