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Townsend Family Benefit Fund

Townsend Family Benefit Fund
To donate to Tyler & Erika click this link ( https://www.paypal.com/myaccount/transfer/send ) and send your generous donation to this email:
This is set up to an account where they will get >100%< of the donations made! ????
ALSO, there is now an account set up with Carroll Bank and Trust.
To donate mention: Townsend Family Fund under Keri Hathcock.

Their story:

Tyler & Erika are the parents to a sweet little girl, Addison, and currently 19 weeks pregnant with a little girl, Kylie.
When Addison was about 4-5 months old they started noticing her clinching her left hand into a fist and her left toes curled under.
At her 6 month well check-up it was addressed with the pediatrician and her muscle tone was checked; everything looked okay to them.
By the time Addison was 9 months old, they brought it to the pediatricians attention that she still wasn’t crawling or trying to push/pull up. She was still clinching her left hand and her left toes were curling under. They were told that everything still looked okay.
At 11 months, they took Addison back to her pediatrician where they referred them to a Neurologist at LeBonheur.
There, they diagnosed Addison with a mild form or Cerebral Palsy.
Since the diagnosis, Addison has started PT and OT once a week and and EI sees her once a week as well. Thanks to this and the braces that she uses, Addison has started crawling, pulling to standing position and will soon be walking! ??

A couple of months ago Tyler and Erika found out they were expecting again and that it was another sweet little girl.
At 19 weeks they went for the routine anatomy ultrasound.
At this time, the doctor told them that she was concerned with the size of the baby’s skull and a few other things.
They were sent to a high risk doctor where they were told Kylie has Spina Bifida.
Surgery was performed on baby at 25 weeks. At 30 weeks Kylie was born 10 weeks early. She was placed on CPAP to help her breathe.
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