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Abilene Vaqueros Futbol Alliance

Abilene Vaqueros Futbol Alliance
There's a NEW Club in Town!

The Abilene Vaqueros Futbol Alliance is a competitive soccer club whose Staff and Coaches have the passion to ensure all talented players receive quality training and playing opportunities should they so desire. It is a TOP priority that talented players from our area are NOT excluded from participating in our Club due to financial hardship. The Abilene Vaqueros Futbol Alliance will be dedicated to fostering a soccer environment that is based on ethics, player talent, hard work, and character development rather than the traditional pay-2-play environment of other clubs.

The Abilene Vaqueros Futbol Alliance Staff and Coaches are dedicated and determined with the assistance of sponsors, donors, and fundraising to significantly lower and eventually eliminate the financial burden for families and their players to provide the opportunity for fun and competition for its members, and promote the highest ideals of good sportsmanship, honesty, loyalty, and courage through organized athletic competition.

Please support the Club, and most importantly, our players by purchasing raffle tickets to help us ensure all of our players can play!
Raffle River has helped Abilene Vaqueros Futbol Alliance raise $530 and host 2 raffles.
$530 raised
Angela Carpenter, Main Contact
Team Members
Abbigail Siller
Abilene Vaqueros Futbol Alliance
Abram Estrada
Adrian Munoz
Adriana Ortega
Alejandro Castillo
Alex & Ulises Tijerina
Alex Terrell
Amaris & Oscar Amaya
Ana Cervantes
Angela Carpenter
Arianna Sanchez
Aviana Varela
Brandon Segura
Bryan Bocanegro
Daniel & Rejoice Mitachi
Delilah Cortez
Elfidio Maldonado
Emmanuel Lopez
Fabian Alcala
Gustavo & Roberto Hernandez
Hakeem & Yazeed Aljada
Hector Rodriguez
Ian Mendoza
Ike Flores
... plus 35 more
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