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Onebeautifulhotmess is a grass-roots, community organization, that is dedicated to the Education, Outreach and Advocacy for alternative health modalities in Maryland.  We specialize in educating the Maryland community on the science behind cannabis and other natural and holistic remedies that can achieve achieve wellness. We teach patients how they can achieve a better quality of life through Alternative Medicine. We also develop and produce educational events and seminars designed to be fun but informative. Please help support our efforts to bring the science behind medical cannabis, as well as other alternative health techniques, and their potential therapeutic effects ,to the Maryland Community.  

Amy Mellen, COO | Amy is the Chief Operating Officer of Onebeautifulhotmess, and is motivated by her own positive personal health experiences with Medical Cannnabis. After getting off of over 40 pills a day, reversing her Type 2 Diabetes, and dropping over 200 lbs, Amy began sharing her story publicly on social media in 2015, and now advocates for patients daily. Amy works hard to squash the stigmas about cannabis, and has a true calling and deep desire, to help patients seek a better quality of life through natural and holistic healing methods.

Amy has worked with various organizations on political campaigns and educational events. She has testified at legislative hearings, spoken on Capitol Hill, and has been part of news articles, documentaries and other media outlets, which were designed to bring awareness and educate. Amy's primary focus, is research and advocacy on the scientific benefits of Cannabis, for chronic illnesses and chronic pain, She is honored to use her knowledge, to help educate patients and medical professionals, throughout Maryland.

IG @onebeautifulhotmess

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