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Peridot Equine Sanctuary/Geneva Animal Sanctuary

Peridot Equine Sanctuary/Geneva Animal Sanctuary
Our organization is dedicated to providing training and stable environments for horses who were previously considered “problems.” Not only are we committed to physically and emotionally healing the horses in our herd, but know how impactful horses can be on people. We are working on a program to open our sanctuary to local youth as a safe and productive environment where they can let go of life’s stresses, connect with the horses, work around the farm, and explore career opportunities in the equine trades and agricultural industry. We offer seminars in holistic horse care, farrier training, equine behavior training, and hands on farm experience. Our hope is to use our herd of misfit horses to connect with at-risk youth, showing them a world of opportunities and optimism for their future.

We have become the home to many horses over the years, each with their own story of how they ended up in our care. Some had health problems, some had behavioral issues, and some were deemed too old to be considered useful anymore. Neglect and sending horses to slaughter are prevalent within the equine community. We vow to provide a safe haven, and a roof over their heads, for as long as they needed. These misfits will not fall prey to the tragedies of being unwanted horses. These horses will not be passed around from home to home, sent to slaughter, or abandoned.
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