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A Service Dog for Van

A Service Dog for Van
Van is a sweet 10yr old with Autism Spectrum Disorder. As Van’s parent it has been my wonderful pleasure to keep him safe the first 10 years of his life. As he gets older the goal is for Van to be able to become more independent. Unfortunately one of the things Van struggles with because of his ASD is poor spatial awareness. This becomes dangerous when attempting things most 10yr olds can do without a problem like crossing a street or navigating a parking lot. Very recently this also lead to an injury and concussion during a school activity. One of the tools I’d like for Van to have in his journey for independence is a service dog trained in helping him stay safe. There are many ways a service dog can help improve Van’s life, his safety is absolutely priority. We have launched our GoFundMe and 50/50 to raise the funds we will need to acquire a dog and train him to be my son’s protector and best friend. Any funds over the goal will be put into an account and used for refresher training courses and vet expenses during the dog’s long career.
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