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This raffle is being kicked off in hopes to help Jeff Wilder cuff cancer and lock it up for good!. Jeff was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer 2 years ago and was just recently sent home last month stating there was nothing else they could do for him. He is stable at this time but continues to be in extreme pain and runs a constant fever. Jeff has developed an allergy to Chemo because and cannot take traditional pain medications due to the damaging effects it has on his Kidneys and Liver. The family has been researching other treatment options, however they are all outside of the U.S. and they will need to pay for all traveling expenses and medical expenses out of their own pockets.

Jeff Wilder is a devoted father to 3 children, husband to his wife Jennifer, and an Army Veteran. He served in the Army for 3 years and is now medically retired. He served as a police officer for nearly 11 years in the state of Mississippi and was pursuing his police career in Texas, however 2 weeks prior to completing the police academy he was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer and has been battling for his life for 2 years now.

Jeff and Jennifer and their 2 girls are loved members of The Exchange church in Round Rock, Texas. They loved spending their time volunteering and making sure they do their part to give back! Even though cancer has taken away Jeff’s profession he still has a huge heart to protect and serve. Just recently he pulled a family from a terrible accident and rendered aid and waited for more help to come. No matter where Jeff and his family go, they instill hope and courage in others by sharing their story!

Jeff is a fighter! He may not be as physically strong as he once was, but his faith in God and in his community is was fuels his hope and strength!
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