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Johnson County Family Crisis Center

Johnson County Family Crisis Center
The Johnson County Family Crisis Center provides hope and healing to children, women, and men who have been or are currently living in an abusive environment. With a large amount of our homeless shelter clients being children, we provide lifesaving, compassionate services to enable these children to live a life free of abuse in their personal homes.

Mission Statement
Founded in 1983, the Johnson County Family Crisis Center's mission is to eliminate family violence and sexual assault. We provide shelter and support services to enable survivors to live violence free-lives. Through educational programs, we will encourage active community participation in reforming the conditions and perceptions that perpetuate family violence and sexual assault. Our vision, leadership, and actions empower survivors to advance their roles, their rights, and their well-being

Facts & Stats

We teach more than 150 workshops on violence prevention to local elementary, middle, and high school students in our community.
We reach over 50 organizations to promote messages of prevention, safety, and support.
We work with local school districts to provide prevention related education to enable students to thrive in a healthy campus environment.
The center provided more than 6,305 emergency shelter days assisting children and families fleeing domestic violence.
The center provided more than 2,960 support and advocacy counseling sessions and groups for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault (children, women and men).
We provide more than 1,800 free meals and snacks for victims.
The center provided more than 4,000 hours of trauma-focused therapeutic counseling and support groups for chhildren, women and men.
More than 100 victims were provided free legal assistance (protective orders, divorce, and child custody).
More than 366 victims of sexual assault were provided therapeutic counseling, hotline support, support groups, and other crisis services.
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