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Team Drea Foundation, Inc.

Team Drea Foundation, Inc.
The Team Drea Foundation funds bold, innovative research to find a cure or treatment for ALS. We see our work as an opportunity to inspire people to live bravely, love joyfully, and appreciate the gift of life.

Andrea Lytle Peet was diagnosed with ALS in 2014 at age 33, less than a year after completing 5 triathlons, including a 70.3-mile half Ironman. Remarkably, she has continued to participate in races, completing 30 marathons, half marathons and triathlons on her recumbent trike.

In 2015, Andrea encouraged her friends and family to take on a race that represented a challenge to them and raise money for ALS research. Team Drea has now grown to 150+ athletes. A variety of quilters, bakers, knitters, etc. have also contributed their talents. Team Drea has now raised almost $300,000 for ALS research.

The Team Drea Foundation has no paid staff or office space; therefore, overhead is minimal. We pass our funds directly to our research partners:
• ALS Therapy Development Institute: ALS TDI is the world’s largest nonprofit research lab dedicating to curing ALS.
• Duke ALS Clinic: Under the direction of Andrea’s doctor, the world-renown neurologist Dr. Richard Bedlack, Duke is doing incredibly innovative research on ALS reversals and off-label/ alternative treatments.
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