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Ohio Heat Baseball Organization

Ohio Heat Baseball Organization
14u Ohio Heat Baseball Team is a select travel baseball organization. We play weekend tournaments in Ohio and in several others states during the year. We are doing a gun raffle drawing beginning January 2, 2019 to cover the teams expenses for next season.

· Do I or the team actually purchase the guns and transfer them to the winners? No, we partner with Right2Arm. We pay for the guns but never take ownership. The winners must go to the store and be in compliance with federal and Ohio laws to claim the gun.
· What if the winner is from out of the area? In that case, the winner simply contacts Right2Arm with the name of a licensed gun dealer in his or her local area. The gun is then transferred from dealer to dealer and then claimed locally. There is often a minimal $20 charge for this transfer.
· How do I know the drawing is “fair”? We issue tickets numbered 000 through 999. The winner is based on the numbers drawn for the Ohio Lottery Pick 3 evening drawings for Wednesdays and Saturdays.
· Do they know which gun they win? Yes, we will provide a listing of the gun to be raffled each specific day as part of the information you will be provided.
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