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A childhood friend of mines little girl "Emma" has a show pig that is in poor health. "PIGGY SUE". She had to undergo an emergency c-section in order to save her life as well has her piglets. Piggy Sue then was not healing well on her own so had to be taken to the university of Auburn. She has been very well taken care of by the amazing vet students. The vet bill as you can imagine is steadily climbing and 9year old Emma just wants her baby well and home. Piggy sue is still on IV treatments and had to undergo blood transfusions in order to save her life. She has been there for a week now. Piggy Sue's story has been all over facebook and everyone wants Piggy sue better so she can be there for Emma and her baby pigs. I made this cup to put up for a raffle in order to raise money for Piggy Sue. The winners name will be added to the tumbler.
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