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Reese Kidney Fund

Reese Kidney Fund
In October 2016, Tina was told she had Stage 4 Kidney disease. This is when the journey to find a donor began. Her brother and husband both were tested and….BOTH WERE A PRELIMINARY MATCH (pending further testing, of course)!!!! Her brother was then deemed a suitable donor and surgery was scheduled for 10/24/17. Unfortunately, there were some additional complications and her brother was eliminated from donating. Her husband, Tex, then began further testing and…he is a suitable donor! Praise God!

To quote Tina, "So here we go again. Lol. I have a surgery date of 4/24/18. Since Tex is my husband and we have a 15 year-old daughter, Olivia, you can imagine how this brings its own set of complications. We would never be able to get through this (or the past year and a half) without God, our family and amazing friends. Through the ups and downs God’s goodness remains unchanged and He isn’t surprised by any of this."

"Can’t write this story without saying how grateful I am for Tex’s willingness to donate. I jokingly say “he didn’t have a choice” but he did. We didn’t enter into this decision lightly and he has never waivered. Couldn’t have weathered this storm without him. Love you babe!!????????"

The surgery was a success and Tex and Tina are back in the swing of things with life. The medical costs and medication trials are what will be a challenge for the next several years due to the fact that Tina will have to take anti-rejection medication for the rest of her life and these drugs are not covered by insurance.

Your donation helps them to offset the costs for these drugs as well as the numerous Dr./clinic visits that Tina will have to endure in the future.

Go Irish! Fighting Kidney Disease!
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