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My wife and I are trying to raise money to help reduce our adoption cost for two to three orphans. I am a retired Master Sergeant in the United States Marine Corps. Having served a total of twenty six years for this Great Nation of ours, we've decided to help those that need families. While my wife and I have always thought about having more children, the deciding factor was hearing of the suicide of a classmate of our daughter. No one was there for this child. It got us to thinking about other children without loving families. After looking at the number of children in orphanages in the Ukraine and the statistics of how many of these children that go into a life of crime or prostitution after leaving the orphanage because there are so few opporunities available to them, we decided to adopt some of these children. With our two children now grown, we can help a few pre-teen or teenagers have a better life.

This is to help our way to help Ukrainian Orphans come to the Land of Opportunity for a better life and in the Ukraine where:
• Ukrainian orphans “graduate” from the orphanage system at the age of 16
• Many orphans, after they graduate, will become homeless and alone.
• They lack the education necessary to provide for themselves.
• 10% of orphans will commit suicide by their 18th birthday.
• 60% of the girls will end up in prostitution.
• 70% of the boys will enter a life of crime.
• Only 20% of orphans will find work.
• Orphans are the kids that human traffickers target and exploit.
• Typically, after the age of 5, a Ukraine orphan only has a 20% chance of being adopted (So our amazing kids have a very small chance of being adopted if we are unable to bring them into our home.)

In addition to funding our adoption, we are supporting Ukrainian Orphans and Adoptions. We appreciate your donation but would rather give something back in return. Therefore, we are having a giveaway of a 1992 Chevrolet 454 SS.

Thank you very much.
Mike and
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