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Lowcountry Herald

Lowcountry Herald
Your raffle ticket purchase helps Lowcountry Herald with its many and much-needed homeless relief efforts. We strive to provide a way for those experiencing homelessness to live a life of dignity. None of us knows what tomorrow holds. We make resources available for individuals and families to get back on their feet.

The Lowcountry Herald Magazine is a "street paper," which means it is an independent publication that operates on a social enterprise and self-help model to provide an innovative solution to urban homelessness and unemployment.

Street paper vendors are given copies and become micro entrepreneurs, selling their product on the streets, to earn their own living and support themselves and their families. This has the advantage of giving them a way to make cash that doesn't depend on their mental state, background, education, criminal record, employment history, housing status, or any of the other factors that keep the homeless from working.

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